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Wartime Escapades



Very little truly frightened Ganondorf’s two lieutenants. Ghirahim was a demon lord, and the bloody, gruesome customs and scenes of the Underworld had been so commonplace as to be boring. Zant himself dealt a massacre on a daily basis to their enemies and would be phased by nothing if it meant pleasing the Gerudo warlord. They were both warriors of the highest caliber, crafted and honed by the fire of battle.

And yet, in spite of that, the pained roar of their master chilled them to the core.

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It’s late and my mind just keeps straying to after-battle massages.

Filed under team villain i just really love intimate contact between characters not even necessarily sexual just an appreciation for the body that houses a living breathing being the curves and flats of bone and muscle beneath skin anyway getting back somewhat on topic...there must be some comfort in feeling your allies alive and relaxing under your hands i feel like Zant would be closest to showing that sort of interest