Ether Dreams

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"Why do people even compete for affection?"
"People hunt for affection cuz they want attention and wanna find someone because of fear of dying alone."
"Those people should consider getting a tortoise...or some friends."

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burninether asked: Would Sensui be like the ultimate baddie then (comparable to Fire Lord Ozai)? Just I guess instead of wanting to conquer the world to rule it he'd rather destroy everyone on it. Sorry I'm lame.


I feel like Sensui would be the closest villain to Fire Lord Ozai…but like especially after reading the comics (have you read those?) Ozai is just so evil through and through, while Sensui is not. My brain is tired and I can’t draw up a character in YYH atm who is just as evil as Ozai aside from Elder Toguro, but he doesn’t have that world conquest thing going on or rather the same drive to completely take over another world like Sensui and Ozai. 

I think finding a really good match for Ozai is a toughy! 

Yeah, it’s a hard fit, that’s why I said comparable (and what I meant by that was a similar end goal, though Yomi had that whole unification thing so maybe that’s a better for there he was also Yusuke’s end fight). But yeah, hard fit, I don’t think anyone in YYH was as selfishly motivated as Ozai.

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